Bag full of yarn

I purchased 20 different yarns of varying shades and textures to make a Throw.

These are the instructions.

cast on 150 stitches using #11 32 inch cir needles. All garter stitch using a new yarn for each row.

I can’t start knitting because i cannot figure out how to start a new row with a different yarn.

I also have to leave 4"-6" ends at the beginning and end of each row. These will be used as part of my fringe.

I get the 4"-6" thing. Duhhh!!! but how do i start a new row with a different color?

I have had this yarn for a month sitting in a bag not knowing what to do.

If i take the yarn back to the LYS the owner will be ticked as i spent way to much money on yarn to begin with. I doubt that she would be happy with me if i returned it.

Being a new knitter i should of known better. Then i thought keep it someone on this site will help you. :lol:

Thank you in advance for any help. Anne

Hi Anne,

So there’s fringe on the ends that you can use the beginning and end yarns for? In that case I guess I’d just start knitting at the beginning of the row with the new yarn, and see how it works, to just leave the end dangling to use as fringe. If they don’t give instructions, maybe this is what they mean to do. If the end stitches end up being loose or bad looking, you could always knot adjacent strands together afterwards, to secure the stiches in place.

…I’ve never done knitting with exposed fringe ends like this, so I’m just guessing that this might work. Perhaps you can try a little sample swatch like this, and see how the ends act, and whether you like it.

Hope that helps! Sorry I don’t have a sure answer for you…

if you do knot strands together, don’t do a square knot with them (holding the strands separately, and tied like a shoe-lace), but rather, hold the strands together, and knot them as one strand, for a neater fringe. A square knot will make the strands point in all different directions, and they won’t line up nicely.

Let us know how it goes, and what works!

Easy! Send it all to me! duhhhhh!

i have made a scarf like this. it is a fun way to use up extra yarn and novelty yarn. also, i read about a fun group knit-along where everyone throws a skein or two of yarn on the table and everyone helps themselves to a bit of each skein to make a scarf in the fashion you described. they are super fun looking…

so, to answer your question, just leave a tail on each end to use as your fringe.

Thank you Amy,foldedbird,amig…

Okay foldedbird i will send it all to you. You can make it for me and send it back :lol: DEAL???

I measure 4-6" at the beginning of each row for fringe. I dont knit that… I leave it hanging…and also at the end of each row.

what i dont understand is how to knit “each row in a different color”. HOw do i add each row. I am not casting on each row like i did for the first one.

Since i am using a new yarn each time i dont get how to connect it

How do i add it on my needles, how will it stay stitched…

Anne… Hi. Hey, I’m originally from Michigan, years and years ago.
Owosso. Now live in New York.

Anyhoo, yeah, that’s just fringe you are creating each time. I made a scarf like this and the fringe was too much for me, so I knotted some together, like 3, and I braided some also. Made it less messy.

Adding a new color is easy (I hope I can describe it right but most knitting magazines or books can show you). You just measure out that long fring bit… you can be using the ones next to it as you go for length… then take the new yarn and twist it once around the yarn piece you are leaving on that side, tighten it up at the needles and start knitting with the new color. Does that sound right all you pros out there? Knit the first stitch a little tight and there will be no problem. The thing that bothers me about this pattern however, is are you SURE you want that many colors… I mean to do a row every single row in a new color, that’s pretty psychdeclic psychadelic … hm. I did a new color every 4 or 5 rows, according to what looked good. Unless you are knitting in a great big chunky yarn… you really don’t need to change every row. Well, my 2 cents. NOW.

I am going to try and post a picture for the first time of the scarf I made with matching hat. With fringe like you described.

good luck! Vic

I DID IT I DID IT! Ha ha, I can’t believe it! Oo oo oo oo oo oooo

I feel like dancing around the room.

(Will make the pictures a little smaller next time I think)

Happy Vic

Congratulations Victoise!!! I’m so happy to see that you achieved your picture posting goal :slight_smile:


I look forward to seeing much more now of course. And that scarf is beautiful.

thanks belderaan… got a bunch of vintage red mohair from ebay and combined it with other stuff I had laying around.

I like the scarf but not sure how I like it on me. It’s a bit ‘flash’.
You have to be in a big mood to wear this red scarf.


Ya know what looks really hot? If you wear mostly all black with one big colored accessory (like a red scarf). It’s also great if you’re fashion-challenged like me! Black blouse, black pants/skirt, black shoes…red scarf. Easy!

Dudette!!! That’s what I do!! :lol: I made a scarf out of some Patons Fresco that I found on sale. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the colors are very bright and vibrant. I wear this scarf with black pants, black top, black heel clogs with silver dashes… fabu … da’hling … simply fabu… :wink:

Fabu is definitely better than Snafu!

Victoise, I know it sounds weird using so many colors. The shades i have chosen are in the Lavander group.

The Throw is knitted in length not width. I can try to take a picture of the Throw from the book. Not sure it will turn out however i can try.

Thanks for the instructions. Sounds easy enough. Often times reading instructions from a book dont make any sense to me. I have to be shown.

Your scarf is darling by the way. WTG in posting the picture.

I know where Owosso is. North of me. I live in Royal Oak.

After reading Amy’s guides lines on posting pictures i am not able to post the picture. I understand.

The pattern and picture are in a book “The Yarn Girl’s Guide to Simple Knits” by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs.

Anne, what is the pattern? Went to to the website but don’t know whcih pattern… yeah, I did my scarf lengthwise, a first for me. It’s pretty cool to knit that way. I actually bought a scarf from my LYS for $50 !!! wow, way too much money, I got overwhelmed by the thing. The owner told me the yarn cost $95 per skein which I believe but it’s a darn expensive yarn store no doubt. That scaff was knit lengthwise also. They’re interesting. Are you doing a scarf or afghan?

Did you start yet? It’s easy! Get going. Vic

The darn picture was not in the link i placed on the post. Sorry, thought it might be.

Afghan i would say. The reason i said a Throw is that what it is called in the book.

I bought a scarf at my LYS too. I Paid $45.00. Owner told me it cost her $2.00 to make. Stupid for me to pay that much but i was brand new at knitting then and just had to have that scarf. Never thinking i could knit one myself at that time.

Scarf is assorted colors, big fat chunky yarn. K & P with long fringe.

When i bought it i thought oh boy people will ask me where i got it. HA, not one person has asked. Oh well…

Victoise, nice scarf and hat! Love it! Yay for you, on posting the pic! Thanks, we love pics! :slight_smile:


I finally got up the nerve to go back to my LYS asking them to SHOW me how to start a new row with a different color.

As usual they virbally told me. I must have looked confused because i was… :?

One of the instructers told me to sit down. Bless her heart because she took the time to SHOW me how to solve my problem. :slight_smile:

Good grief it was easy once i was shown. Not only did she take the time to show me she had me do it 3 times before i left the store.

God Bless an instructor who will take the time to show a beginner how to solve a problem.
Now i have the confidence to start my Throw.

Does it ever irritate you when you directly ask someone to show you how to do something and they laugh and tell you how to do it?

Many conversations I’ve had:

Me: Can you show me how to do ----
Them: Oh it’s easy, you just do this this and this
Me: Yeah, I know but could you show me?
Them: Well, maybe you should try doing that that and that
Me: Stomping off in frustration before I strangle someone.

Orrrr, should I start taking prozac? LOL!