Bad Day at the Office

This had me giggling…

Giggle? I practically fell off my chair laughing. :roflhard:

Thanks, I needed that!


And I thought I had bad days at the office…scary!

These people need more chocolate in their lives nods

I think they had way too much already; they’re in mood swing mode!

I have sooooo felt like that!:hair:

This made me quite sad. I hope those people are ok. They must really be needing prayers.

I must be really sick :roflhard:I thought all of them were really funny. The only one I had fault with was the two on the phone. They were at the same table talking. Then he flew over the table and beat the other guy. No one even tried to help him.:shock: The rest of them were good too.

Ya, it may be something to laugh about later, only if you are that person. But I just did not get a lol feeling when I saw these poor persons so discontent. I hope they are able to find a job they like or get help for dealing with their anger. I mean, can you imagine if they are like this at home?

[COLOR=Indigo]Funny as it was, I kinda thought it was all staged. :teehee:

My thought was that I couldn’t believe how many cameras there are in offices spying on the employees! Wow…I would hate to work in that kind of untrusting atmosphere. Maybe that contributed to the employees’ meltdowns.

Good point