Backyard Leaves Scarf, Hat & Fingerless Gloves

Quite some time ago I put the finishing touches on the fingerless gloves that match my clappie and hat and have taken new photos of all, but must load the software for my new camera so I can post photos.
I cast on for the ‘Backyard Leaves’ scarf from the book Scarf Style using WOTA in fern and size 7 addi’s Nov 30 and finished the 1st half yesterday. I found that my scarf was going to be more narrow than I would like, but I didn’t like the stitch definition with larger needles, so I decided to do 17 repeats instead of the required 11 for the pattern. I began the 2nd half today & should have it completed in a few days. I have photos…but will post in a day or 2 after the afore mentioned software is installed :oops: !
I must say that this is truly a very, very fun knit and I have all sorts of hat & glove ideas zooming around in my head :wink: ! After reading so many horror stories around online I was a bit skeptical at 1st…but it’s not hard, it’s FUN, FUN, FUN :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: And as soon as I finish this ensemble I am going to make the matching gloves for the Branching Out scarf and matching hat that I did last month…LOL, I broke down and ordered the Merino Syle from knitpicks for them…what the hey…I’m doing scarf or shawl and matching hat & fingerless gloves for all the others, had to do them for Branching Out, too! Then…either Knitty’s Cozy or the super yummilicious lace shawl from winter Vogue…only the yarn knows for sure :wink: Besides, my bday gifts from Lonnie may very well steer me from my intended course (finishing my project list) bc I don’t know what the EZ “A Glossary of Knitting” may inspire me to do and the wonderful Sensational Knitted Sock book may very well kick start my sock sabbatical before the intended time…who knows?!..only My Knitting Yoda “Show Becka’s knitting path I will so a knitting Jedi she can be”…who can argue with that?!..Not me :shock:

omg rebecca - you ROCK!!! that Backyard Leaves scarf is truly bad@$$ :shock: :cheering: ! I can only hope at this point in my knitting know-how to someday make that one. I look at the chart and I wanna faint. I’m so anxious to see your pics :heart: !!!

I can’t wait to see the pics with your NEW camera! I’m sure they’ll be awesome!!

You got the first half done in like 5 days??? I don’t know whether to be mad at you or tell you that you rock…how about I do:

you rock :rollseyes:

how’s that for a compromise? :rofling:

no seriously, I’m only “mad” b/c it took me like 4-6 weeks to get my first half done, and I only finished the stinkin scarf like 3 weeks ago after starting it in AUSGUST!!! And that was with the 11 pattern repeats and then you go and do 17?

falls into a heap on the floor

I don’t know how you did it, but, ok, YOU ROCK!!! :notworthy:

-FG - who is insanely jealous of your knitting speed.

Thanks everyone, it’s really, really fun to knit and I thought the chart too intimidating bc I HATE to knit from charts, so I don’t. This is the 1st project that I have actually knit entirely from the chart…I used to just write the instructions out, but it’s really not nearly as intimidating as I thought. I took the book to Kinkos and enlarged the chart and the symbol key and I have the chart in a page protector with my magnetic board under it & the strip magnet above each line & it’s made it very easy to keep up…oh, and I highlighted the right side and left the wrong side plain AND I’m keeping up with the rows with a st counter (double protection…LOL!). I already have plans for a hat & fingerless gloves (lol, I hope to find glove needles that I like when we are out of town…then I may actually do gloves with fingers for a try…but I just prefer fingerless) and I have so much yarn I think I may do a clutch, too…I was just doing some sketching for it :smiley:
FG, I actually finished the 1st half in 3 :blush: days! That was after I had done several swatches and ripped it out a few times until I came up with the needle combo that I preferred.
I think Annie Modesitt is a pattern writing genius! I really LOVE this pattern. I promise that I will load the software & upload some pics tomorrow…ya’ll say such sweet & nice things, makes me really want to load them…I love u guys! THIS IS THE BEST GROUP OF KNITTERS IN THE WORLD :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
EDIT FG, I just reread your post, don’t u be saying things like being jealous of me & speed knitting…LOL! Girl, YOU do beautiful work…I LOVE your scarf. Ya’ll remember, I am the monogamous knitter & I happen to be home bc of my disability & I have more time to knit :wink: MUAH

Jodi…if I can make this scarf…u can make this scarf…trust yourself, just do like I did with the chart…oh, and I even drew arrows on the chart @ each row on which end I was supposed to start…LOL!! I think that u can do it, just study the symbols & practice…have faith :wink:

Can’t wait to see the pics! New cameras are so fun :slight_smile:

yeah, I would say the hardest part about this pattern is just getting used to the chart, but after the first 5 or so pattern repeats, you really only end up using the chart as a place marker. It was a very easy scarf to make once I got the hang of it.

Rebecca, you’re too sweet! But I’m still jealous! :devil:

I finally got the software partially straightened out…just can’t find the way to reduce photos with this software…oh well, I will have to play with it…I have just a moment to post some pics…I SO LOVE THIS PATTERN :heart: !!

Day One

Day Three, 1st half complete

Detail of the ends

And today, with the beginning of the 2nd half…only had a little time to knit…I’ve been playing with the camera… :wink:

:shock: Wow! You did all that in three days? Fantastic! It looks lovely, Rebecca! :cheering:

:smiley: Thank you! Actually, it’s 4 days, I started on the 2nd 1/2 today…I’m off to work on it now :wink:

omg rebecca, between this one and your Branching Out, I am so in love with leaf patterns :inlove: !!!
we’ll see if those patterns can love me back. maybe I’ll give one of them a whirl during my holiday break.

Oh, well, then, I take it back. ANYBODY could do that in four days! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks everyone :smiley:
U so funny Ingrid :wink:
Oh, Jodi…I’m so in love with leaves and vines…they are in all sorts of things that I’m loving…maybe bc I can’t garden anymore…so I’m knitting the garden :wink: It is fun…as we all know :thumbsup:

:inlove: I love that pattern you did a great job!! :cheering:

That PATTERN is great :heart: I am in awe of your knitting and your speed. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone, ya’ll are too sweet :heart:

It’s lovely Rebecca! It’s turning out quite nicely!

(I’m still jealous :smiley: )

Thanks :smiley: I’m off to work on it now, hope to finish today or tomorrow, then on to the matching accessories :happydance: :happydance:

I have finished knitting Backyard Leaves & it’s blocking away and is partially wet, but I decided to post the photos anyway :wink: After it dries I will measure it to see how much it changes after drying so I will know the # of repeats & placement of the end on the hat. When it dries it will retain a portion of it 3D effect, but I don’t believe it will stay as puffy :wink: but will retain its waviness :smiley: I am pretty sure that I will use the same size needles for the hat, I won’t really know for sure until it dries a bit…but who knows…I may cast on anyway…Yoda Knitting ask I will :wink:

Blocking on my old ironing board