Backwards Cast On

Ok… so luckily brain damage isnt contagious. Because I have it. :rofling:

This week has not been a good knitting week for me. I haven’t had the chance to do much. But that’s a whole 'nother story.

This morning as I was sitting in bed, waiting patiently for the house to wake up. I was looking at my knitting and a how-to book (for purling). In the process of examining, I suddenly realized I had cast on backwards… meaning… instead of the tail being on the inside when I cast, it was on the outside.

I’m already planning on frogging this and doing the cast over but I thought this would be an interesting question.

Can a person knit from a reverse cast on? If so, what changes must be done?

:?? :doh: :oops:

I don’t know if you can knit backwards, but you can just transfer your stitches onto your other needle, then your tail will be at the proper end of your work.


Oh wait, just re-read your post and I’m not sure if you meant what I thought you meant. If you just mean that your tail yarn is on the right end of your needle as though you’re starting to knit, but the tail isn’t on the side that you usually have it (front or back), I don’t think it matters that much.

Ok… let me clairfy.

I did a Double / Continental / LongTail Cast On… and i did the actions correctly. What i didnt do correctly (I re-watched the video again)… is instead of the tail hanging over the thumb for the left portion of the V, it went over the index finger.

The result was this… (I’m doing the English/right handed style).

Some days I love having a webcam. (We have a digital camera too but the card needs to be replaced.)


Hmmm, I never knew there was a wrong way or right way - in fact the book that I learned from said that it didn’t matter. I never check which end I have over my thumb (the tail end or the looooong end) and it always comes out okay.


Ya know I have a friend who knit circlular on dbl pts to make a sock and instead of having a stockinette looking stich it was garter. She knit “backwards” too. Something to do with holding the yarn in the left hand. Are you holding working yarn in left hand but knitting throw method?

Ok… so i have tried doing this without frogging it… and it seems to be working thus far… maybe after i get a few more rows done I’ll post a pic of how its going.