Backward Loop Increase?

I am attempting to knit a top down sweater for my granddaughter, but the pattern has got me so confused, I am not the most experienced knitter and patterns drive me crazy…anyway here is what the pattern says:

Four shapeline stitches are used to shape the yoke. Every other round, increases are worked before and after each shapeline stitch. In the next round you will place a marker before eachof the 4 shapeline stitches.

Marker round:
Slip marker, k1 (shapeline stitch), k29 for the body, Place marker, k1 (shapeline stitch), k8 for the sleeve: repeat fromonce more, placing a marker before each shapeline stitch.

Note: The increase round begins with a M1 (backward loop increase) before the first marker.

Increase Round: *M1, slip marker, k1 (shapeline stitch), M1, knit to next marker; repeat from * at the next 3 markers, knit to end of round.

Straight Round: Knit.

Repeat the last 2 round until you have 230 stitches on your needle.

I have tried this backward loop M1 and I get a hole and I don’t think there is supposed to be a hole and what the heck is a “shapeline stitch”… ??? I am confused. Can anyone help me???


The shapeline stitch is just a line of stitches that run the length of the raglan shaping. It’s usually not called anything in particular, but most raglans have a stitch or two around which you do the increases.

A backward loop cast on will leave a hole, just because it’s not connected to anything. If you don’t want a hole, do a different increase–a M1 where you use the strand between the needles, or kfb. As long as you’re consistent, it’ll look good.

Thank you Ingrid! I didn’t seem very proficient at that backward loop thing, I think I will do kfb. I have done 2 rows of the other increase, do you think I should start over, or could I just start doing the kfb and it would look ok? You are always so helpful , thank you again…

You want them to look the same, and if you have holey incs, you may not like the look of them. I’d start over.

Yeah, I already did start all over, I knew I would…