Backward Loop Cast-On

What is this cast on? I checked the video’s in the cast-on section but didn’t see this one listed.

I nomally always use the long tail cast on and that’s the only one I’ve really ever learned.


It’s listed in the videos as Single Cast-On. It’s ok for some things–like adding a stitch in a pattern, but for a main cast-on, it really doesn’t look very good.

Thank you. I don’t like it much either after trying it but the MagKnits Bliss Blanket calls for it. :-/

It was my first time using it too, and I’m doing the same blanket. It’s difficult to knit from evenly at the start, but it works perfectly for the entrelac pattern in Bliss. I doubt I’ll use it again, unless a pattern specifically says to cast on using this method.

Entrelac is about the only type of knitting that it works alright for more than a few stitches because the edge needs to be loose. It’s easy and is okay if you just need a few stitches otherwise.

Thank you! I will keep that in mind. I have one question though.

When doing the first “K1, slip the stitch from the right needle back to the left needle, k2, turn.” how do you put the stitch back onto the left needle? I’ve done this before when I have to back out of a row but I didn’t know if I am doing it right. Do I just slid it back on the left or am I supposed to put it back on the left needle as if I am knitting (inserting the needle from right to left)?

Just slide it back.