Backward loop cast on question

Hello, hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a safe new year.

I’m making my first pair of gloves, and have a rather stupid question.

This is the pattern

Here’s the part I don’t understand. Join yarn at base of middle finger. Pick up and knit 2 sts along side of little finger, then knit across first dpn.[B] Use a backward loop to CO 1 st to close the gap between dpns and knit to end.[/B] Total ring finger sts: 15

I’m using dpns, and my question is does the backward loop CO go on the left needle or the right?


Cast on the stitch with the backwards loop onto the right needle and then continue on with the rest of the knit stitches.

Thank you for the quick response, and I’m sure you know more than I do. It will probably make sense once I get there, but I can’t visualize how that closes the gap. Does that happen on the next round?

It will add in an extra stitch between the right needle and the rest of the sts and that should be enough to bridge the gap. You’re right that knitting the next round will close up any space even further and give you the complete ring finger.

Great info, and thanks so much.

There are no dumb questions–and yours, is in fact, something that many knitters wonder about (self included). Thanks for asking!

After 4 years of doing this, it just seems some things should be clearer, so I always feel most of my questions are stupid.:roflhard:

Glad to help though.:yay: