Backward loop cast on question

I am making the baby kimono from mason dixon knitting and it calls for adding stitches with the backward loop cast on, I have never done this, but I have seen how. I have also read that it is hard to knit into evenly. Has anyone got any tips or tricks for me? Thanks:X:

In essence, you’ll be looping stitches around the needle.

The cast-on page has a video (titled Single Cast-On).

It can be difficult to knit into, and if there’s more than just a couple sts cast on, it can leave loops of extra yarn. I usually use the knit or cable CO; switch the needle with the sts and working yarn to the left hand, CO and switch back.

It is only 3 stitches on each beginning row for 16 rows, it will be making the sleeves. I read that it can be hard to knit into them evenly. Do one of the other cast on’s that you mentioned leave a weird looking edge? I just don’t want it to look funny. The garment is in garter stitch.

Thanks Marria, I know how to do it. Just trying to figure out if that is really the best option.

Oops! I missed that in your original post. I personally prefer the cable cast on. It looks nice and it’s stronger than the backward loop cast on.

I like cable or knit CO. Though the knit CO can be loose, it’s also easier to pickup sts from if you need to at the underarm.

Maybe I will do the cable co, it doesn’t require picking up any stitches. It is worked in one piece then seamed under the arms. The mom wants to keep this in here box for the baby so I want it to be nice.

Marria, I stole your knitmeter :slight_smile:

I used the backward loop cast-on for the underarms for the cardigan in my sig. When I picked up stitches, the instructions were to pick up 10 stitches, the 8 I cast on to continue the body, and two at either end. If I was careful on which loop to pick up, there’s no real seam, and there’s no holes in the underarm either. I didn’t have a problem knitting into the cast-on either, but I’m a tight knitter - the cast on was pretty tight, and there wasn’t room for it to make big loops.

If you’re casting on for the underarm, you may need to pick up stitches there when you get to the sleeves later on. Or if this is for the sleeves, then when you get to the body.

:slight_smile: I stole it from someone else, but I don’t remember who now…

This pattern is worked in one piece then the arms are seamed on the underside. So I don’t need to pick up any stitches. I did try the backward loop but it seems to leave little gaps between my regular knitting and where I have cast on. I don’t know if the seaming will hide that or if I should try one of the other cast on’s. I have to do it for 3 st at the beginning of 16 rows (in a row). Am I doing something wrong by getting those gaps? I am trying to do it tight.

No, gaps are normal, and the backward loop CO makes it gap even more. I use a knitted CO so I can pick up sts when I do the sleeves. Picking up sts leaves less of a gap, you can k2tog after picking up to reduce the st number.

yes I think I will try something else. I really want it to be as perfect as I can. They are going to bring the baby home from the hospital in it.

But I wont need to pick up any stitches, just seam it up. You kind of fold it in half.

That might be how this pattern goes, but I’vd found in patterns where you CO sts for the underarm, you either CO sts for the sleeve (and seam them together) or you pick up stitches in the body sts that were CO. Otherwise it leaves a lot of gaps and you still have to sew it up anyway.