Backing blanket

Hi All!

I just finished a log cabin baby blanket but would like to back it with some fleece. Can I machine sew the fleece on the back of the blanket? Also interested in crocheting the edge on after the backing has been placed to make it look more finished. How do I do that?



I think the machine sewing may not be as stretchy as you might like. I’ve tacked the backing to the blanket inside the border with about a stitch every half inch or so and that seemed to work. For that, the border was already part of the blanket when I added the border.

Agreed. Knitting stretches, the backing won’t. I think if you have to do it hand sewing is the way to go so it’ll have some give.

If your machine is capable of a true stretch stitch, you should be able to do this, especially with fleece which is stretchy itself. You’ll want to use the longest stitch length possible and sew slowly.

Be aware, though, that if the blanket gets used for a game of tug-of-war, the machine stitching will be the first to lose. :wink: