Baby's Triangle Sweater Set

I am well on my way and have finished the back as i thought it read now I am on to the front and it says “work as for back until 1” above underarm " and that is were it lost me cause in the back it does not say that . Any help with this would be great as I am running out of time on this sweater .I am making it for my new nephew born this week in England, and my Mother in law is going there and taking my sweater with her.

o I should also say that this pattern is from Knitting Digest Magazine, Vol.19, No.5, Page 29

Just looking at the picture, I would say that 1" above the underarm is where you would start the neck shaping on the front.

The directions are telling you that the front and back are the same up to one inch above the armholes. At that point, you’ll be doing something different for the front.
So bind off sts for the armhole at the same point on the front as you did for the back. Usually that’s after having worked some given number of inches. You can hold up your current knitting to the finished back to measure. One inch after the armhole bind off, do the next directions that are given for the front. As aprilbetty says, these are probably for neck shaping.