Baby's first Matinee jacket set :D

Isn’t it cute???

Now I’m 15w3d, I’ve decided I can start knitting things (read: baby has decided that knitting ain’t so bad. :S)…

I’m using a Filtura de Crossa (or something) baby merino wool :smiley:

That will be lovely!! :inlove:

That is gorgeous, Tia!

i was gonna get that pattern. its very cute. so does this mean its a girl? or can a boy wear that too?

That will be beautiful! :thumbsup:

Stunning Pattern!

That is just adorable!

Just beautiful. I can definitely see why its called an heirloom pattern - the FO’s certainly will be treasures.


Heirloom is actually a brand of Australian wool & cotton :smiley:

So sweet! Wishing you a peacful and uneventful pregnancy!

That is really beautiful! Can’t wait to see it when you are finished!

I wish I had a little girl to knit for. Sigh, just male genes running around my back yard! :lol:

Best wishes on your pregnancy. :wink:

:smiley: It’s GORGEOUS…can’t wait to see it; I’m glad baby finally thinks knitting is okay for Mom :wink:

Ohh that’s going to be adorable! :inlove:

I’m soooo happy that you can knit again! I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to have more than 5 minutes of peace during your pregnancy! That layette is absolutely precious and will be an heirloom the moment the last thread is woven in.

Beautiful! I’m glad you’re able to knit again. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Thanks everyone.

I’m doing it in a cream based colour, with flecks of pastels. So colourwise, it will be fine for a baby girl or boy.

We don’t yet know the sex, although we plan on finding out. :smiley:

Hi is there a place online you can order this pattern?

Really beautiful!! I want to knit one too… :inlove: :heart:

The only place I know of is Tapestry Craft in sydney (

But I’m sure that anywhere that stocks Heirloom brand wool, would stock the pattern.

Tia–that is mucho gorgeous!! Glad you’re feeling better now! :heart: