Baby Yoda Hat

So I have been searching everywhere for a knitting pattern for a Yoda hat, so far I found one. It says to felt it, but I have no idea how to do that… Not to mention I can’t follow what needs to be done… I’m also not good at following what I read. I have to see it to get it. I’m just wondering if there is anyone who knows of a pattern that I can use, or if someone knows of a way to help me figure this thing out… Thanks.

Hmm…this is the only one I saw that’s not felted.

I was hoping for a free pattern rather than to pay…

With a unique item sometimes you have end having to buy. :shrug: These are the only other patterns I found that are free. One of them is felted. You’ll have to join Ravelry to get them I think. Rav is free.

In case anyone is still looking for a Yoda-inspired hat, here is a simple one to knit: