Baby Yarn

I love knitting the old patterns for baby sets but it is very difficult finding the right yarn to do the job. Can anyone tell me why they stopped making baby yarn that has a gauge of 32 stitches. I do substitute yarn but it isn’t quite right. I’ve also made the needles smaller but it’s still not quite right. I know it’s kind of a dumb question but with all those wonderful patterns out there why didn’t someone keep the yarn? Just asking.

A gauge of 32 sts/4" needs a fingering weight yarn. What weight yarn have you been subbing and what’s not quite right?

There’s not as much variety in fingering and lace weight as there is in worsted but you can find a nice choice. Here’s a link to the WEBS page for fingering.
and also the Knit Picks yarn

I have been buying sock yarn when it is at a reasonable price. I refuse to spend over $6.00 Canadian a ball. It is very difficult to find fingerling yarn in a store today so I have to order it on line and then the price goes up with shipping and handling. Walmart in Canada has very little yarn and the only other store is Micheals. Micheals is ok but you have to wait for a sale or make sure you have a coupon. I love to knit and give it away but I have to be sensible when it comes to cost.

just out of curiosity, does walmart canada have “site-to-store”? i often use that service here in the US (on to order things and have them sent to my local store for pickup. because i’m willing to wait 7-10 days, the shipping is free to the store. just a thought, since i know does have some fingering-weight yarns available.

I’ve wondered that, too!! It’s very, very irritating to get a nice yarn, enjoy using it, and then find out it’s discontinued, or has been changed.

Have you tried Mary Maxim. They are in Ontario and Michigan and ship worldwide. Website is

I haven’t heard of store to site here in Canada with Walmart. I will check into it though. I order a lot of yarn from Mary Maxim. I have ordered from Knit Picks, Red Heart and Herschners but they are American funds. Also the colours that you have to pick from with regards to sock yarn aren’t your normal baby colours. Kroy’s colours are usually very dark most people like bright happy colours on their babies. I personally like darker colours because they hide a lot of the daily mishaps that happen with babies and toddlers.

Try this site. Maybe they’ll have what you want. If your order is over $75 it ships free. That may be more than you want to spend all at once (it’s a lot for me!) but just in case I thought I’d post the link for you.