Baby yarn

I was just wondering what yarn other knitters are using today to make baby outfits. I have several very old patterns that call for Patons Beehive Baby yarn - 32 sts = 4" on 3 1/4 needles. I live in Canada and I haven’t found a yarn that is even close to the gauge that I need. Can anyone out there tell me what I can use.

Thank you

maybe fingering or lace weight?

:psst: I think I’d use a different pattern. Eight stitches per inch is an awful lot for a baby outfit that will be outgrown in short order. You’d need a fingering weight.

An alternative is to make the smallest size with a dk weight yarn. It will be bigger, but since babies grow, it will fit at some point.:shrug:

Hi pepisnut,
Nice to meet you. I have found that knitting for babies with Dreambaby DK by the Plymouth Yarn Co works well for me. Using fingering or a lacey yarn will work too…I agree that you might look for or a pattern that requires this yarn…search the net for free patterns for babies…your head will spin with how many are out there. I persoanlly will be making a baby blanket using Dreambaby DK in white. I’m still deciding on the stitch pattern, but I’m confident it wll be a good choice of yarn for what I’m knitting. i will use it for a layette too. Good luck with your project & let us know what yarn you decide to use.
Have a happy knitting day!:cheering:
P.S. I have also used Bernat Baby Soft & loved that as well.

Hi Pepsinut, I have some of those old patterns too and love them. You might try some of the sock yarns. Check what gauge they are suppose to work up to. I have a stash of an older yarn called Loisirs 139 by Phildar. It knits up to 30 stitches for 4 inches and I can get it to work on those patterns that call for 8 sts = 1 inch. I don’t know if they make that anymore either.

I love the fine yarns for baby things they work up so delicately. :slight_smile: I hope you find some yarn that will work for you.

I recently discovered a site called Drop Designs that is Norwegian, I believe it is, but they have a lot of things translated into English. They have a lot of nice free patterns on their site, and they sell yarn as well, but none of it is that fine I noticed. You might like to check out their patterns though.

I have a similar problem. I bought some washable wool that is 28 stitches to 4 inches and that is a little big for my old patterns, and I haven’t found patterns for that gauge readily.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am using some sock yarn right now to make an outfit but the yarn is very expensive. I have sold several baby sets in a craft store and I like to keep the selling price reasonable. I don’t want the items to stay in stock for very long. People are funny, they like what they see and then they always say “I can make this” and of course they don’t. I was asked at one time to make some socks but when I told the person how much it was going to cost they never called me back. Everyone wants something for nothing today.

Hi again pepsinut,

What brand of sock yarn are you using for the baby outfit you are currently knitting? I’m making a child’s size 2 pull over sweater using Sockotta by Plymouth. I’m knitting it on size 2 & 3 needles. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how much do you charge for the outfits you sell in the craft store you mentioned? I have a home based business doing knitting/crocheting & personalized pillows…do you have a business also?
Thanks in advance for your ideas.

I was just looking at patternworks site, and they have Baby Utopia which they say is a fingering weight yarn (acrylic) that is great for baby patterns, and is on sale for 2.99/ ball. it gets 6 1/2 stitches per inch on size 3 needles.


I often order from they carry lots of great baby yarns and most of the time they are discounted.

Here’s a great price