Baby Yarn query

Have just returned to knitting (after 25+ year break) to knit for first expectant grandchild. Ordered an assortment double knit & 4 ply each in white/yellow/mint/blue (it’s going to be a grandson).

Just started cardigan with blue 4 ply (only as yarn arrived first) -but- having done the back and 2 sleeves, I am noticing the yarn is getting noticeably thinner, thicker, then back to what I consider ‘normal’. I’m still on first ball, as got 100 gram balls.

Is this usual? I know my memory is not what it was, but I do not remember yarn variations like this when knitting for my own babies. The yarn is: Super Soft Baby 4 ply, James C. Brett, 100g, 100% Acrylic. I purchased this (1) because this yarn has many really good reviews; (2) it was reduced in New Year Sale (but not sold as ‘seconds’).

Question is: although there is nothing noticeable in the knitted cardigan, I don’t feel (in my heart) that everything is ‘right’ with the yarn. Should I, or would it be worth, contacting the manufacturer or retailer? I don’t want to look a complete idiot if baby yarn is usually like this - but I’m sure it wasn’t in the 1980s/early 1990s.

It might be because it is fingering weight which is quite thin. I tend to use a 2 or 3 weight depending on what I am making. In your case I would probably have chosen a 3

I see no reason to think that the thick to thin and back to thick in this yarn is to be expected. You could contact the company you bought it from and see if they’ll let you return it. I use a lot of fingering yarn for socks and this isn’t typical.

Is this the yarn? Some yarns do have a thick/thin texture. I’ve not used this so I’m not sure about this one. In looking at the finished projects it does look like it’s not super smooth yarn.

What pattern are you doing? Please post a link and/or name. Don’t post the pattern here.

Some yarns do this as a part of the texture of the yarn and others have intermittent thick areas where there seem to be joins. I haven’t found that it materially affects the fabric but I’m usually working on thicker yarns than this. If it occurs infrequently and you don’t like what it’s doing to the stitch pattern, cut the thick area out and rejoin the yarn. It’s a pain because it creates more ends but hopefully tis only occurs once or twice per skein.

I have found some yarns to vary (kind of rustic) but I have just finished a bobble hat using two different 4ply yarns and one was noticeably thinner than the other.

Sorry for delay ladies. Had surgery on shoulder last week & only now up & about.

Hope pics have loaded ok. Doing Sirdar c3482. As I have got further on with knitting I can feel yarn getting thicker & then thinner as it passes through my fingers. Only got Left Front, bands & neck to do, so don’t really feel like starting all over again. If image of sleeve has uploaded, you can see knitting looks a bit ‘lumpy’; it’s deffo not my tension or the way I knit making it look like that.

The yarn is supposed to be Baby 4 ply, wondersoft; I would call it “random ply - 4 ply, varying in weight from 2 ply to a thick 4 ply/thin double knit”.

Actually, I think the knit fabric looks quite nice. You could wash a swatch or finish and assemble the sweater, then wash and dry according to the ballband instructions. See if that evens the stitches out a bit. Remember too, that babies look fabulous in almost everything and, if it’s soft, the baby will love it.

It may not be the sweater you were hoping for but since you’ve come so far, it would be a shame to abandon the sweater. If you’re not happy with the result, you could always donate it to a charity. I’m sure it won’t be the last sweater you knit for this baby.

Glad you’re back and hope the shoulder is feeling better.

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Hope you are feeling better. To me it is not really noticeable. .knit on i say!

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