Baby yarn help!

I am fairly new to knitting (within two years), and I knitted a soft cute baby blanket using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. It was a pattern using seed stitch and I liked it but it took so long. I now have 2 make to more blankets. I found a quick knit pattern using Red Heart Baby Clouds. My question is can I use the Bernat yarn in this pattern. Both yarns are bulky 6 weight yarn. The difference is the Red Heart brand is more fuzzy. Any help is appreciated. Or if you have any quick knit patterns for using bulky yarn. Thanks a million!

My short answer is yes - you can use whatever yarn you want for a blanket : ) The beauty of blankets is that gauge is somewhat unimportant. If one yarn is slightly thicker or thinner then the blanket will be a bit bigger or smaller.

Seed stitch can be time consuming. Are these for boys or girls? For girls I tend to do feather and fan and for boys I tend to do some sort of cable. I don’t really have a specific pattern to offer.

What pattern are you planning on using? Could you give us a link, please. If the object is to get them done quickly you could do it in garter stitch. I like them worked on the diagonal, an over-sized version of Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth but I’m sure there is a pattern for a blanket made the same way. I will work till about half the yarn is gone increasing and then start decreasing.

Here is the pattern I wish to make.

This is the yarn I want to use.

There is no reason your yarn choice won’t work for that blanket. The yarn you want to use has a guage done on size 11 needles and pattern calls for 15. You will want to test knit a bit and see if you like the look of the Bernat yarn on size 15needles - it will be very loose. If you use a smaller needle to suit your yarn you can either add stitches to keep your blanket the same size as the pattern or just know your blanket will be a bit smaller.

I’ve used that yarn for 3 baby blankets so far and 4 teddy bears and love it. I don’t think I would use this pattern because I think it’s too thick for an open stitch like that. I did a cable that I absolutely love 4 years ago and my niece still uses it. It’s thick enough for the baby to lay on the floor on. Also made a simple basket weave pattern and a plain garter corner to corner one. And the bears are a family favorite. Oh and she says it washes up nicely:thumbsup:

Those are all cute. I really like the cable blanket. I think I’ll make one, just bigger.

I really like the look of the feather and fan. I am going to do that one for one of them. I have not yet learned to cable but hopefully soon. :slight_smile: