Baby/Toddler Poncho --EASY

ChronicalsOfYarnia has been kind enough write up her toddler poncho pattern. See her post below…

Thanks CoY!


yes! please do. I am trying to make one right now for my toddler… but I think it is going to be wayto big :roll:

Oh well, there is always season year huh?

No Problem! :slight_smile: I had alot of fun doing this, and Ms. Genevieve got tons of compliments at church yesterday.

Materials : Lion Brand Homespun (1 skein), Bernat Boa (1 skein), size I crochet hook, Size 10 needles

CO 32 stitches. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measures 16 inches. Join so that the piece looks like an L. Fold your L so that it looks like a V and join that side. [Video demo here. ~Amy] There you have your poncho.

To add trim: Use Bernat Boa and DC (double crochet) all around the edge.

That’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:

OOooh very nice!!! I did CO 32 stitches as a wild guess! I think my daughter is just a bit smaller than yours… so it should be good for this spring! Yay me!!! I have no idea how to crochet (yeah, I know I need to learn :roll: ) so I may have to leave that part off :? It’s is very cute though!

To DC the fringe…grab yourself a size I crochet hook and make a loop and stick it on the hook. Then do the following:

  • yarn over (just like you would in knitting)
  • poke the hook through a hole somewhere
  • grab the yarn on the other side with the hook
  • pull that yarn through (you will have 3 loops on your hook now)
  • YO (just like in knitting) and pull that loop that you just made through 2 of the loops on your hook. (it will leave you with 2 loops on the hook)
  • YO , pull the loop you just made through the other 2. (you will have one left)

then just yarn over and poke it through another hole. Does that make sense? I’m willing to help if I can. Crochet is one of those things that once you see it done it’s like “OH!”. :lol:

Thanks YarnMommy!

Nuno, you could also add fringe, if double crochet is intimidating. Although I do love the look of that edging YarnMommy did! Nice touch YM! :slight_smile:

When I get time to shoot more videos, I’ll be making some on the crochet basics.


When I get time to shoot more videos, I’ll be making some on the crochet basics.

OMG! YAY!!! Can I do some dishes or vaccum for you??? :mrgreen:

No, Amy… don’t do crochet videos. You will give me yet another excuse to buy yarn. I’ve spent about $75 on needles and yarn and books in the last 3 weeks, thanks to you! Alllll your fault!

LOL, Nuno and Denise. :slight_smile: You two crack me up. :lol:

Ok, I finally have to two pieces knitted. It the fuzzy stuff something I can put on after assembly???

Uh, I think you can just pick up stitches on the ends of your rectangle(s)…

Hmmm, now I am thinking I don’t need it. If the kid will let me take her picture I’ll post it and see what you all think.

I’m working on a toddler scarf for my daughter. I’m not using the homespun though. I went crazy and picked out Paton’s Twister, but still using size 10 needles. I was wondering how long your cast on edges are? I want to make sure my rectangles are the right size.


You guys, I’m sorry but I’ a dork.

I’m a new knitter and I just don’t get it. Okay, so I make essentially a big rectangle that’s 32 stiches (CO) x 16 inches. I bind off when my rectangle is only 16 inches long. Than I fold it into an L, and fold the L into a V and join everything together?

My rectangle is not yet 16 inches, but I want to first confirm that I have to bind off before joining (this is my first joining project), but also I’m concerned becuase it doens’t seem possible with only 16 inches to work with.

Where is my feeble little braing going wrong???

Thanks for any help.

Amy actually has a video on assembling it here, about mid-way down on the page. I haven’t watched it, but maybe that will help. Also, I’m thinking that maybe you need two rectangles of the same size? That’s what it looks like in the original baby sized pattern.

Yes, it’s two rectangles that you make and join together (as Amy shows in the video).

I’m just about finished with my toddler poncho, but have an elementary question on finishing it. When I “sew” the two rectangles together, how, exactly, is that done? Do I just thread a yarn needle with the yarn and whipstitch the two edges together, or what? :?? This is only my third project, and my first two were scarves. I am totally clueless here. :doh:

Rennagayle, could you post the finished size of your rectangles? I’m still pretty clueless as to how wide they are (how long the cast on side is) THanks!

I altered the pattern slightly when I made mine. I used a worsted weight (Caron’s Simply Soft), and cast on 36 stitches. My rectangles each measure 9" x 15".

Yeah…uh…I knew that.


Thanks Rennagayle, I knew there was something dreadfully wrong! I never looked at the original baby pattern. Now it makes so much more sense!

I’m working on rectangle #2 now. Almost finished!

Almost finished!

Hooray! :cheering: