Baby swing blanket

Hi I am new at this forum thing so bere with me. I have a premature grandson that is now old enough to sit in a swing but his legs get real cold and he is still on monitors to read his oxygen level. When he swings his level goes down so I wanted to know if you knew where a pattern for this would be or who I can contact someone about it.
Thanks Dahlene :wall:

I don’t know of a specific pattern, but you would want a small blanket that wouldn’t get caught in the swing mechanisms. I would go measure the seat part of the swing (w and L), add a couple inches on each side for coverage and room for his monitor leads, then adjust your favorite baby blanket pattern to fit. (or slightly enlarge a doll blanket pattern) hope this helps, MKZ

When my son was a baby (almost 22 years ago), he had a baby bag instead of a snow suit—the legs were split like a pair of pants so it would work in a car seat, then it all joined together in the torso area and went on up with the front ending just below his chin and the back long enough to serve as a hood. I think you could knit something similar that could be placed in the swing and your grandson could just slip in and out. I’m not a designer or a very good pattern maker, but I would think that if you had a sweater pattern for an adult, you could follow the instructions for the sleeves to make the “legs” of the blanket and then once those are done, attach them to a larger “body”. Again, visualizing sweater pieces–it would be at the top of the shoulder, not the sides,and the neck would be sewn shut to form the between the legs area. If you knit it of wool on larger, say 10.5-13 needles, maybe it could be felted to size?


I was thinking this sort of thing might work, too.

Make sure that his circulation isn’t cut off by the edge of the seat/leg holes on the swing. If it’s a bucket type swing rather than one with leg holes you could bundle him up so his legs don’t dangle.

Thank you for the great inputs I will try them and see what is best. Much appreciated.

Looky here!!!


I think this is what I was describing! It could be made without the rounded hood piece/drawstring and without the zipper—maybe just an overlap so it could be closed just by lapping one side over the other.