Baby sweater

hi all. I am knitting a baby sweater. I don’t know the sex of the baby so I am using green yarn. Problem is I am at the point of the button wholes and the pattern states if the different sides for the boy/girl button whole. Which should I do? I am thinking the boy way because a girl can always where it that way.

If its a baby sweater…im thinking do it the easiest way for you…it just doesnt matter for a baby. Someone else always gets them dressed.

unless i totally missed the question.

I agree with lissa, it really doesn’t matter too much.

It shouldn’t matter, but I agree with you, I would put them on the boy side. If it matters to the parents, I think people are more willing to put “boy” clothes on a girl than “girl” clothes on a boy. It’s weird, but seems to the the case most of the time.