Baby sweater sizes

I realize that all babies are different. Some are the average 7 pounds at birth, some are 8 and 9. Chest sizes also vary. What I want to do is knit a top down sweater for a baby that’s about five months in age. It’s going to be in the 6-12 month range. The baby’s not available for me to measure. I’m looking online and getting all kinds of measurements. The Yarn Council says a 17 inch chest, some say 20. Others go as high as 22-24. Can somebody give me a rough estimate of chest size for this 6 month size for an average 7 lbs 7 oz at birth baby? Thanks for your help.

I think the 17-18" chest size is about right although you never err by going with the larger number.

I’d go for the 12 mo size in the first place, a 6 mo old baby can fit in one without them being too huge. The CYC’s size chart is for actual body size and you want a sweater with at least 2" of ease. If you’re looking at Debbie Bliss patterns, they’re gigantic so don’t use those measurements. I think something with about a 20" chest size should work fine.

I would say 17-18" for 1 y.o. is about right. I base my models for 2 y.o. on 21" chest measurements. I noticed that children sweaters tend to be too wide, almost square, and too short to cover the upper body of an active toddler. I mean, it’s a sweater so the idea of warmth shouldn’t be foreign to it. Also, their puffy sleeves do not fit regular jacket sleeves. With those sweaters, even if a child grows and will be able to wear it longer, the sleeves most likely will be short before sweater is small.

So, I make longish, ‘rectangular’ sweaters with about 2" ease and sort of narrow and longish sleeves that allow for some growth (for example, make the cuff that can be folded).

I’d go for a 19" chest, to take into account for clothes beneath it.

This is what I’m thinking. The sweater body is complete. Just need the sleeves and the hood. I thought I would have to frog it, but maybe not. The chest is 19 inches, so you all are right with your estimates. Thanks.

‘No frogging needed’ is always good news PJ’s!

Please let us see how it turns out?

Well, I started this in a couple of different yarns. None of them was right. Wanted to use up my stash, but you know how that goes. Wrong texture, wrong weight, wrong color. I finally broke down and went to the yarn store. Found a new yarn I just love. This is Joann Fabrics’ Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern yarn. It’s a #5 bulky weight brushed acrylic, which my daughter requested for washability. The striping patterns in this yarn are fantastic. Nice pastel baby colors, pink, blue, yellow, mint, and lilac. I’m very pleased with it.