Baby sweater in the round

Hi! I’m looking for a baby sweater pattern that can be done in the round. I’ve made a few baby sweaters, but only on straights and I’ve come to realize that not only do I hate seaming with a passion, I really am horrible at it as well!

Would a sweater in the round eliminate most of the seaming? Could someone recommend a not-too-difficult pattern?

Thanks in advance!

Most baby sweaters are cardigans, split up the front, because it’s really hard to put a pullover on a wiggly baby. But you can still knit it seamlessly. A top down raglan or yoke is easiest, you can search for the 5 hour baby sweater, also called the Quick baby sweater. A pattern generator can be found at where you put in your gauge and the chest size you want and it makes a pattern for you. There’s also a freebie at Knittingpure and Simple.

You didn’t specify any sizes so…

Are you on Ravelry? Because really there are dozens…it seems anyway.

No seaming, baby sweater in a stretchy wool:

It’s sideways in 1 piece and very easy. Enjoy!

These patterns are adorable but what about one with worsted weight yarn and maybe #8 needles?
I would like to make some for our church outreach but don’t have the time to fuss with fine yarn and small needles.
Also, I am stuck with a bathtub(Literally)full or yarn from previous projects.
I do have one that has a hood but doing the sweater alone the neck opening seems so big. Could I just reduce the stitch by say 8 and have it work out? It is knitted on 6 and 8’s Thanks

Mary, these are done in worsted weight.