Baby Sweater FO

Please take a look at “Riley Sweater”. Knitted for my BF new daughter.

Thanks for looking!


wow, that is beautiful!! it’s a great color, too.

That’s very cute! Your other things are great, too!

:smiley: It’s just too cute :thumbsup: I love all of your knitting :wink:

Very cute! :smiley:

I love it. Where did you get the pattern?

Very cute!

Those are nice! Love em!

Beautiful!! What a fabulous color! :thumbsup:

Thanks!! The pattern is from Reynolds using their Ole-Ole cotton yarn. It has both a pullover (like I did) and a cardigan, which I am working on now in the hot pink color.

Laura :thumbsup:

Cute sweater! I had to read your message over again though, because at first I thought that BF’s new baby was your BOYFRIEND’s new baby rather than Best Friend’s new baby. I thought you were a ummm, really understanding girlfriend or something!

:shock: kimmie

Great job! :thumbsup:


That is such an adorable sweater. I love how the ribbon is woven through it. Too cute!