Baby sweater dimensions

Hi, Is there a good website that states the dimensions for a baby sweater that would include the sleeve width and length?

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I found these after a google search. If you’re looking for finished garment measurements check baby knitting or crochet patterns.

Here’s a simple baby sweater pattern. It’s done in rectangles which are sewn together. This is crochet, but it will give you dimensions. Scroll down farther in the pattern and it will give you diagrams and numbers. This one is so simple, I believe it could be converted to knitting. This would be a size 9 knitting needle. MM size? I want to say 4.5 or 4.75? I’m reclining on the sofa with the laptop right now. The cat’s lying on me so I can’t get up to check. You know how that is. Lord help you if you disturb the Prince or Princess.

A US 9 would be 5.5 mm.