Baby Surprise Jacket help

I am wanting to make a baby surprise jacket but it seems like the instructions are for a newborn. I am wanting to make it for about 6-9 months then one that is about 12 months. Do you have any suggestions as far as yarn weight to use to get thees sizes? I appreciate any help. :hair:

The size depends on yarn weight and needle size. I made some out of worsted weight yarn and about size 8 US needles and they would probably fit up to a 2 yr old or so. I’m guessing as I don’t have a child to try them on, but they are pretty big. Better too large than too small. So I’d go for worsted weight and size 7 or 8 needles.

Unfortunately neither do I which is part of the problem. The baby I am making it for has yet to be born, and I am making her some newborn things already. The mom has asked that I make her something for the baby to wear when she is a bit older. She wants to keep the items in a chest for the child. I may check the Ravelry group and see if anyone has nailed down sizes a bit. I have never knit baby things before so it makes it all that much harder to judge. My daughter is 16, I would have never thought of knitting something then. Boy did I have no idea what I was missing. :smiley:

ITA about having no kids to try stuff on… My boss is having a baby, so I picked the 12-month size, and am almost done. I’m eyeing the sleeves, going, “Is that long enough? Is that too long?” I figure better too long than too short, and if I don’t make gauge perfectly, well, it’ll fit at SOME point, because the baby isn’t even here yet.

You can look at it this way - you’re not trying to knit for a special occasion, right? It’s not something that has to fit for Christmas, for example. As long as it’s bigger than the baby and versatile enough to be worn in summer or winter, it will work. So use the yarn that makes gauge and you’re comfortable with.

There’s a rav group for it - - and they have a wiki that includes sizing ranges, what yarn and needles to use for each.

Also, you may not know, but babies rarely fit the size of the `age’ at that age. I’m making my newborn GD 6 mo size sweaters because she’s large. They’ll fit her when she’s about 3mo. So a 6 month old baby will probably be able to wear a 9-12 mo size. It won’t hurt if they’re a little large, they keep growing…

The Baby Surprise can’t be pinpoint size precision because of it’s construction so a lot of it is experience and luck.

This page gives you the approximate yarn and needle size for various sizes. Scroll up just a bit to see the chart.

It seems to corroborate what I said…worsted weight and size 8 needles. Smaller needles make it slightly smaller, larger make it slightly larger. Depends on the fabric you like, too.

I’ve made several of these surprise jackets for my granddaughter, who is now 10 months old. I started with a size 5 needle (with appropriate yarn) and went up to a size 8 needle and she won’t be able to wear this sweater until she’s probably 16 months old. It’s an amazing jacket, but the sleeves are like 3/4 sleeves, not long enough if it’s cold. I had to add on to the sleeves for the cold weather, otherwise I think this jacket is wonderful.

I added sleeve length, too. You can add length before you seam or after.

thanks for all of the suggestions. I very much appreciate it! I will look at all of the pages. And you are right, it isn’t for any special occasion so as long as it will fit sometime. Thanks again! :smiley: