Baby stuff questions


  1. is it silly to send 100% superwash wool items to missouri for a baby being born like now or will they get some use out of them? should i go with cotton-ey something instead? i know it’s important to keep infants warm, but how warm i guess is my question. :wink:

  2. if we are aware the baby’s head circumference is a little larger than normal newborn, should i do like a 3-6 months maybe or stick with newborn sizing or maybe just do it in like a 1x1 rib so it has some give?


I would say for the hat to go with some nice ribbing (2x2, 3x2, etc.) so the new parent(s) are able to use it for as long as possible (not too small not too big).

As for the superwash wool I don’t now how the weather “swings” in Missouri, but if anything you could make fall and or winter items for the baby that way you get to use the wool.

And also know that baby needs warmer hats for night wear or for windy (when wind chill is higher) days. I’m sure the yarn you have will be fine.

I haven’t lived in Missouri, but I’d say that wool would probably be too warm until late autumn. :think: As far as size goes I’d go with the 6mo to 1yr size. Better too large than too small. :wink:

If you do use wool make sure it’s SOFT wool, too.