Baby Steps,...right?

This is nothing glamorous. It’s actually quite small. It’s just a dish cloth, but, it’s my very first FO :aww: and I’m pretty pleased with the results…does that make sense?

My mom, who has been knitting for almost 40 years, was here tonight. She showed me how to finish it off. AND complimented me! She said, “Look, no holes”…lol…yay, she noticed!!

I just got so tired of working on my practice scarf and frogging and starting over…it was just so discouraging. I needed to finish something so that I could see that my efforts were indeed paying off.

Well, here…

congrats! the colors are cool too.

Aww, that looks great! My first FO had a TON of holes, so you’re ahead of me on the first step :slight_smile: Awesome work, I look forward to seeing more :happydance:

Looks great! My first FO’s were barely recognizable as knitted items. I’ve improved since then…marginally! :happydance:

It’s terrific and I love the colors.

It’s very pretty! Pretty colors, very even gauge, and, as you say, no holes. It’s a great FO! Congratulations! You’re fortunate your mom is an experienced knitter, and close enough to offer help when it’s needed.

Hooray!! :yay: it looks great! I think my first FO was a dishcloth too-knit painfully tight!!

Feels good to finish something, doesn’t it ? :woohoo:

Very pretty! I am a newbie knitter and am tired of making a practice swatch over and over so I’m going to start a dishcloth, hopefully today. Whatever it looks like, it looks like. I just want to make something!

Good job! :yay:

LOL, that’s what I’m afraid of with my first project, but whatever! I’m tired of making my practice swatch over and over. It makes me feel better that you said this, in case mine looks like a foreign object instead of a knitted dishcloth. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody!! :slight_smile: I appreciate all of the encouraging words!

Now I’m going to try something a little bigger. My friend at work & his wife are having a baby girl in a few months…at the rate I work, he may get a blanket for her by the time she’s 20…lol :wink:


make the blanket as 9 squares and put em together :slight_smile: then its just like 9 dishclothes

That first FO is the toughest! Great job! Way to hang in there. I’m so glad your mom could share the moment with you. :hug:

Congratulations!!! It looks great! :yay:

Your efforts have paid off indeed! :yay:

Oh goodie!:yay: Someone ELSE who knits as fast as I do!

I told my hubby the other day that one of the next projects I want to do is something for my 2.5 yr old daughter. He recommended I knit something in like a size 8 since it will take me probably that long to complete it. :roll: I punched him in the arm for that comment (even though he is probably right.LOL).

Congrats on the dishcloth. I completely understand wanting to FINISH something!

LOL…Thanks! I knew I wasn’t the only one!

Congratulations. It is great.

Sandy in N.Z.