Baby squares afghan

would like to knit a baby afghan all in one piece but so it looks like separate colored squares sewn together. Does anyone have a pattern or suggestion as to how to do this? I like knitting but have no luck sewing knitted pieces together. Thank you

You could knit a square pick up stitches, knight another square ect…
I have seen patterns out there like that but for the life of me can’t think of where I saw them.
Maybe someone else has an idea? :??

thanks, but how do I change colors? I really need a pattern as I’m just learning.

I haven’t actually made this one yet, but I really want to try it and I think this is the kind of thing you’re wanting:

Not exactly the colors or yarn someone may use for a baby blanket, but you could definitely substitute another yarn - the size would be a good baby blanket size, though. I hate sewing, and not very good at it, so I will only make blankets that can be done in one piece! Too much of a headache for me otherwise. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the pattern idea, but I was thinking of a pattern where you knit straight across covering the entire width of the afghan. or would that be too difficult with several different colors?

I finished my very first baby blanket in Baby Cloud Yarn Pale Blue and I used the Diagonal Pattern like for Dishcloths and it came out fabulous. I will post a pic when I get it scanned later this week. This was very easily knit on 36" circular needles (without joining) I would recommed this pattern to anyone who wants to knit an easy baby blanket!! :happydance:

I have seen pics of that afghan and it looks nice. But I would like to do one with different colored squares but knit all at once. Do you know what I mean?

Maybe you could cast on say 25 in one color and then 25 in another color etc. and then work it like that. You’d have to make a guage square and decide how many stitches per inch you knit with the yarn you want to use and then figure out how long/wide you want the blanket to be and go from there.
ie. lets say you knit 5 stitches per inch and you want the blanket to be 35 inches long, you know you’d have to cast on 5x35=175
and lets say you want to use 5 colors (for easy math) then you know you’d have to cast on 35 in each color and then - humm. That would leave you with a striped blanket. There is a book I picked up at Michaels yesterday and I got if for half off with the cupon that was in yesterdays paper, it’s called “The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques”, and in there it shows you many different ways to seam along with a whole bunch of other good stuff. Worth the money! (without the cupon it was $25.00)
Maybe if you had that book you wouln’t be worried about seaming the squares and then you’d have an easy project you could take with you. :shrug:

You could switch colors in blocks, intarsia style, with maybe a color between each block. When the blocks are square, you can knit a few rows in that ‘between’ color to separate the blocks. You’ll have lots of yarn coming off the back and will have lots of ends to weave in, though. Check out Amy’s video on intarsia to help with the changing of colors.

This site has directions for an edge-to-edge seam that might be good for attaching squares.