Baby Sophisticate Sweater help!

I am following a pattern for a baby sophisticate sweater. The pattern calls for size 8 us circular needles. The pattern begins at the yoke of the cardigan. Should I automatically assume that I am knitting in the round (it doesn’t say).

pattern at just in case…

it starts with the yoke and she’s got you working rows, not rounds. it’s knit back and forth, with row 2 and all even rows being the wrong side and purling. but you use a circular needle because of the length. she says:

“Begin Cardigan: In this part of the pattern, you will be knitting the yoke of the cardigan. The increases on either side of the markers start to shape the sleeves and body. The three increases on either side of the neck create a slight v that helps to shape the shawl collar. CO 28(34) sts”

and then after doing the work in that section, you split for the body and sleeves.

No, you won’t be knitting in the round. This is a cardigan and so will be open in the front and knitting in the round would give you a tube. Turn your work at the end of each row just as you would on straight needles. The circular needles are needed because you’ll end up with a lot of stitches on the needles.

Thank you so much! Makes sense