Baby socks!

Hi, i’m knitting my first socks and the pattern can be founded here:

I don’t understand something…when i will knit 11sts and turn.what will i continue to knit the 11 sts or the 30 sts?if it the 11 sts because it is written :
“Work stockinette st on remaining 11 sts for 17 rows, ending with a knit row. Work this half of heel as follows:”

It is not the 11sts while turning, that means i have to put the 11 sts on a stitch holder and knit the 30 sts.

Thank you!!

The 11 stitches you are working are for the heel…it makes a flap. After it’s done, you pick up sts along the edge and then begin knitting in the round again with the other sts.

So…you only work with those 11 stitches for this part of the pattern. You just let the other 30 sts hang out on their DPN’s. You won’t work with those other 30 sts at all until you get to the part in the pattern that says “Using left needle”

Thank you Kemp!!!

You are welcome! I love knitting baby socks…so fun. Super cute pattern you have there. Can’t wait to see them finished.