Baby size tube sock pattern?

Anyone have a good pattern for a baby size tube sock? A friend of mine just had her fifth baby, but her FIRST girl! So of course she needs some cute pink stuff. My kids couldn’t keep socks no matter what (I even put tights on my boys to keep their feet covered!), but I thought that if I made over the knee or up to the thigh tube socks, she would be able to keep them on, and with a tube style, get a lot more of use out of those.

Here is a tube sock pattern.

Here are some more:

There is also this one:

The pattern Jenelle posted works out great. I made a few pairs for my nephew after he was born and my sister-in-law loved them. You could just adjust the pattern so that they would be longer to go up to the knee.

Good luck. They’re really easy and fast to make. Cute too! :cheering: