Baby to sew up

Am delighted to be knitting a baby shawl for my first great grandchild but it’s +20 years since I last made one. I’m using Patons Fairytale square shawl pattern and have come to a halt on making up the seams. The instructions say ‘sew through loops very loosely in herringbone stitch’. Can anyone show me how this is done please?

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your great grandchild!
That’s wonderful news and you’ve made a gorgeous shawl to welcome the new baby. Here’s a video for the herringbone seam. You don’t have to form loops by releasing a column of sts as in the video. You already have loops at the edge of your two sides.

It’s a delight to see your beautiful work.

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Lovely shawl. We’d love to see a pic when you’re finished too.
Hope the seaming goes well.