Baby Shawl Collar - Pattern Help

Hi! This is a strange question I know, but I am making a baby cardigan, and once again I am stumped by the pattern. It says to make 16 more rows and work 4 more stitches into each row. However, it does not stipulate 16 rows of how many…I assume it is 27 - if so, then do I add 4 then, stitch 31 and add 4? Sorry for this strange question but I am so confused!


This sounds like a short row collar. So yes, continue to work the short rows adding 4 more sts each row. You’ve already worked 19, then 23, then 27 so on the next row, rib 31, on the next 35 and on the next 39sts and so on for 16 rows.

Thank you! I think I have made a mistake because I have been adding the 4 stitches equally throughout the rows each time and it has created gaps from the rest of the knitting at each ends… I’m not sure what I am doing wrong…!

Are you knitting 4 more sts at each end of a row or increasing 4 sts along the course of the row?
The idea is to keep knitting back and forth, each time adding 4 more sts at the end of a row.

Are you using some method or does your pattern recommend a method to avoid holes? Often patterns say to work wrap & turn (w&t) or German short rows for example.

I was adding along the course of the row, I’ve undone it now so I shall now add as the end of the row.
It simply says “Work 16 rows working 4 sts more in every row, turn.” It’s all in rib and it doesn’t give a method.

OK, remember, you’re not increasing the total stitch count, just knitting 4 more of the unworked sts on each row.
Usually the designer determines whether a technique is required to hide the holes. If you really feel that they are too noticeable, you can use w&t or some other short row technique. I like German short roes but there are several others.