Baby romper

After breaking my fingers it’s been a very difficult month of doing not very much. Sorted through my patterns to discover I have lost my pattern for baby romper suit. Similar to a baby grow. Anyone knitted anything similar in dk that can recommend a pattern. I think mine was from the 60s

I am so sorry to hear about your fingers; what a bummer! I hope you are feeling better now? I made my first baby romper last year and used Pippy Eve’s Lacy Romper. You can see a picture of it if you visit What’cha Knitting and find the topic Baby Rompter in November 2021. It was fun, easy and soon I hope to see my granddaughter, Abby wearing it. She’s 6 weeks old, so it’s still a little too big for her, but soon!

@Nanny189 I found @Claudia1’s
Post showing the baby romper.
Baby rompter


Sorry to hear about your sore fingers nanny189! Ouch!

Do you use ravelry? There are lots of rompers on there, or there are vintage patterns available to buy or download if you wanted to try to find the same one you had previously?

I love rompers they are so incredibly cute.