Baby poncho in 4ply yarn

Hi I’m trying to find a quick knit baby poncho in 4 ply yarn. I’ve looked through the childrens patterns but they are all DK or chunky. Any help appreciated, thanks.

Jan in UK

Do you mean 4 ply as in having 4 strands, or by weight? As a weight, 4 ply is going to be sock or fingering yan and take small needles which is not going to be a quick knit unless you double the yarn and use bigger needles. If you mean a 4 ply worsted weight, you can use patterns for dk or even bulky and use a size 8 or 9 (5 or 5.5mm) needle with them.

4 ply as in weight. I think I may use it double, I’ve got 2 x 100gms balls which will make 100gms of DK,only problem now is, will there be enough?!!

Two strands of 4 ply will be about a dk weight, so you can use those patterns. That should be enough, check the patterns. You can also use a larger needle on a smaller size which can take less yarn if you’re knitting to a measurement rather than by stitches.