Baby pink booties

After several false starts, I think I got what I wanted.

I did k1, p1 ribbing off the sides of the instep, and garter stitch soles so they will “grow” as baby’s feet grow.

Sadly, I have put away everything knitting for a while, to get busy on outdoor tasks that need to be finished before it gets too cold.

Very cute and very thoughtfull with the garter stitch. I like them a lot.

Do not give up on knitting - even for a while. You can only work outdoors as long as it is light. And then comes the treat!

Those are so cute! :yay:

Very cute! They’ll go nicely with the rest of the set you posted earlier :cheering:

They’re adorable!! So sweet!

Thank you, I find booties boring and a [B]lot[/B] of finishing work for such little pieces. I do something different every time to spice it up a bit and entertain myself. I’m sure I do a variation of this, next time.

There [B]was[/B] a time when I could play in the dirt from sunrise to sunset. My fingers are like sand paper today, gloves didn’t help.

But when my fingers aren’t knitting, my brain is.
Always thinkin’ knittin’!

But when my fingers aren’t knitting, my brain is.
Always thinkin’ knittin’!

I totally understand that. In the car lately I came up with a technique between here and my office… and it works and I will be very happy with that in the future, soon. (About stranding work and keeping the piece stretchy). My brain worked it out all without any yarn present :slight_smile:

Planning projects comes easily between the actual knitting. That is true commitment.


[B]I hope you’ll share that! [/B][/SIZE]
My first stranding project was mittens for my older daughter (1960something). Needless to her hand couldn’t go into them.

My thoughts are coming together, just need to put yarn to needle now and [I][B]my LYS is closed on Mondays[/B][/I].

BTW, how attentive do you think you were to driving??? :hmm:

I was pretty attentive. All bikers made it to school safely and I got to my office without a scratch. Just AT work I dearly regretted not having needles here (something I will eventually change for lunch breaks and test swatches).

I did try it out and I am pretty happy. Now I need to concentrate and make a video some day soon. I am really eager to show and see what you all think. - Or maybe hear that it is an old thing and everything… well, I will get to that some time this week or next and you guys here will be the first to know! I just don’t like talking about eggs that are far from hatching - but I will.

My thoughts are coming together, just need to put yarn to needle now and my LYS is closed on Mondays.

do you need yarn for a test or for a real project? I have a stash so big that for a test or anything I NEVER EVER run out! That would be horror for me, really. Since my childhood days my stash is growing and comes in really handy for little projects on the side, pieces of different color yarn or test pieces.

Both, I always use the same yarn for any preliminary work when I’m trying to create something new. It also serves as my gauge swatch for calculating the pattern.

But I have something to keep my hands busy this evening. The bonnet for the pink baby sweater looked a little small to me, and it is. (Got to see it on a baby this morning) So I’m making another, slightly larger.

Fab! Wondermous! Loverly! Your knitting is impeccable!

aaw, those are soo cute!! love them!!