Baby - Pattern suggestions to use ribbing

Hello everyone, I am looking for some very specific help please. My mother in law passed away a number of years ago and in her knitting basket was the start of a jumper (maybe) that she has done 2x2 ribbing. I kept it to one side with the hope that at some point I could use it when my husband I are were lucky enough to welcome a little one to our lives. The time has come and I’d really like to use this to knit a baby jumper or something. The ribbing is knitted using Debbie bliss Aran, is knitted in the round and there are 102 stitches, I’m pretty confident with following a pattern but not where creative enough to make my own. Does anyone have any suggestions for patterns I could look at that may work? Thank you so much.

I plugged some search terms into Ravelry - there are some pretty cute patterns in the results, so hopefully something will jump out at you! Congratulations, also!|pullover&pa=in-the-round&fit=baby&query=Baby%20jumper&sort=best&view=captioned_thumbs

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Thank you so much. That has been extremely helpful.

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No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile: