Baby or Teddy Bear Sweater Patterns

I want to learn how to knit a sweater, but each time I look at a pattern, it’s rather daunting. Plus I am afraid that if I knit an actual size sweater I might not be able to understand the pattern and become stuck with all this waste yarn, etc.

Does anyone know an easy pattern to follow that is for like babies or teddy bears where I can start and finish in a short period of time and help me learn how to make a sweater before actually making one?

Cardigan or pullover? Seamless or seamed?

You can start looking here at Knitting Pattern Central.

Honestly I have no idea. Any pattern I guess that is easy to start and learn. Where do I even begin?

I hate sewing seams so my second try (don’t ask about the first!) at a sweater was this: Sure to Fit Cardigan and Pullover. And I actually made a one for a teddy bear first to try it out. It was pretty easy and I’ve made 2 people size sweaters since (first was in Jan.)

My advice - don’t let patterns intimidate you. Sometimes you just have to jump in and figure it out as you go!

wow that is very very good and cute! Thanks for the pattern. Can’t wait to try it out!