Baby Opal Socks

I had some yarn left over from my socks, so I made a pair of baby socks for my sons’ teacher’s new grandson. It is Opal Lollipop, size 1 needles. So tiny, I hope they fit!!

I love them…very cute! :heart:

So sweet!

That was fast, you just had the cuff done in your quick brown fox picture! LOL

Those are adorable!

:smiley: Those are so cute…I knew u were knitting tiny socks when I saw them on your brown fox siggy :wink:

Those really are cute! I wondered if they were baby socks when I saw them on the “the quick brown fox” thread. :lol:

:heart: oh my gosh - how sweet are these baby Opals - I just love them - nice job!

:XX: Shelley
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Awwwwwwww ! Good job !!! :thumbsup:

How CUTE!! :thumbsup:

I love them!!! They are so cute and tiny and colorful - adorable!!! :heart: :heart:

Ahhh, they r really cute :heart: great job! :thumbsup:

Those are adorable! :smiley:

So sweet! and the stripes are matched up so well too! Excellent {and fast!} job!

:heart: It’s all about the socks :heart:

Love 'em.