Baby Norgi and my new nephew!

I’ve been mulling over this pattern for weeks, but finally broke down and bought the yarn for Baby Norgi. This will be for my new nephew, born just this past Tuesday morning.

He’s a Canadian baby. Isn’t it just the most perfect Canadian baby sweater EVER??

OMG, Silver he is the cutest!!!

Oh yeah… the sweater is nice too

he looks like one of the michelangelo angels!

I think that is one of the most precious (my own children excluded :wink: newborn pic!!!

Isn’t he a doll? I clipped the picture, but he’s sleeping on his mommy’s chest. It’s sooooo darling! :heart: He’s my sister-in-law’s third. She and her hubby make the MOST gorgeous babies!

He’s beautiful! :inlove:

What a cutie. Such a casual, comfy pose.

Again…I wanna BITE that beautiful baby!!!

I always thought my niece would HATE me… “I don’t WANNA go by Auntie Kelly’s!!! She always wants to EAT me!!” :oo:

Lucky me…she thinks bites are funny. :shifty:

r u 4real about the sweater? hes too cute and chubby 4 that swaeter!!!

don’t do it…walk away from the sweater!

i used to bite my neice… but then she turned 4 and it was no longer cute toher so i had 2 stop

um… yeah, I’m serious about the sweater. :??

The sweater is fabulous!! Too bad my Canadian babies are getting bigger, I’d attempt that myself!! Where in Canada do they live?


They’re in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec.

Ahh, what a beautiful baby! Just perfect! I want to smell him.

That sweater will be perfect. I’ve been wanting someone to knit it for.

[color=blue]:balloons: Silver… such a beautiful baby… can say that even though he is a boy, yes? Can’t wait to see the sweater… love the pattern. Congratulations! :sunny: [/color]

Ingrid…I love baby smell. It’s like the fountain of youth.

Silver, that is the cutest baby picture I have ever seen. I mean, they are all cute, but he is really beautiful!

um… yeah, I’m serious about the sweater. :??[/quote]

just messin with you girl! :wink: they are both beautiful and will look great together. :cheering:

awww that is the cutest newborn photo ever!! LOL So cute thanks for sharing love the sweater too :smiley: