Baby Legs pattern?


Anyone seen a pattern to make Baby Legs? They look so cute and I bet are easy enough to knit!!


Okay, those are too too cute! I would say it would be pretty simple. A toddler sock pattern that continues up the leg. I don’t think it would take much expiramentation for a knitter who is familiar with socks. But that’s not me, unfortunately.

You could adapt a toddler sock by using the “technique” in the pedicure sock on I made the peds & LOVE them!!

Now I’m going to have to make some of those baby socks. :slight_smile:

I made my DD (now 20 months) legwarmers for the winter for all those reasons they mention on the website. I did them ribbed the whole length, but you could just do the ribbing at the top and bottom and stockinette for the main part. I used KP Merino Style. I don’t think the thin cotton that BabyLegs uses would provide much warmth, but they are certainly cute!


Those are sooooooo cute :slight_smile:

I want a pair for me, esp with some cow print, how cooel. (maybe its just me though)

I know, these are just the cutest things!! I have a son, so they may look kind of girly on him, but I was thinking of making some for gifts.

I will check out that knitty pattern!

Thanks! :smiley:

I think they would not look girly on a little guy if worn under his jeans. They’d keep his legs warmer, which is a good thing here in Canada. :smiley: samm