Baby Leg Warmers?

My sister in law is wanting me to make her some baby leg warmers for baby pictures… I can find patterns for adult, teen and child leg warmers, but none for baby. I don’t have a clue (only been knitting a month! :lol: ) how to take a pattern for a child and make it smaller for a baby. Anyone know how? Or know where I can find a pattern for baby leg warmers?

You could adapt a pattern. They are just tubes knit in the round with ribbing at the top & bottom.

Have you made socks? The technique would be the same as working the cuff, leg & another cuff. I bet you could adapt a baby sock pattern. Or just measure around the leg to get a diameter. Knit a swatch in the yarn you want to use. Measure how many stitches per inch. And calculate.

Ie-gauge 7st per inch
Leg 5" around=35stitches.

I’m going to guess you know how to just plain knit or stocknette stitch (knit all the rows I think it is). Why not just messure baby’s legs. Use the widit as the cast on number and the lenght as how long to knit the leg warmers. Then just sew the sides together that should make a cylinder that should slid up and down baby’s leg. Hope that helps and I hope I got the lenght widith right. Good Luck

Knitting Patten Central has a couple of very cute free patterns (sigh I love that word free). Wool works well to repel wet leaks or sweat pea crawling through the dogs water bowl. I usually use some reinforcing elastic thread at the top and bottom to help hold them on, need to be careful not to felt them in the washer however. Alternative is something like Cascade Fixation which has elastic in it, and has lots of cute colors. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask for help as you try new things in knitting. Knitting is not supposed to be a frustrating dissappointment.

It really is just a tube that will be the length you want on the baby (knee to ankle, longer, shorter) and some ribbing at both ends. You can add cables or lacy stitches to fancy it up. You can even knit it flat and seam it if you’re not comfortable knitting in the round.

But I know new knitters are often happier with a pattern so here are a few:

Yes! Need a pattern…for now! :slight_smile: Thank you! I am ok with knitting in the round…my first 3 projects were knit in the round and in fact I’m not sure i’m as good if not in the round! :lol: