Baby knits for summer

I have a lot of family members and friends sprouting over the next few months and I have a stash of yarn and some needles. What I don’t have is ideas!

I was getting all exited about hats and scarves in baby sizes but last night in bed I though “Hang on a mo, all of these beansprouts are gonna be born in late spring/summer, scarves and hats would be a Stoopid idea”

Only one (shockingly) of these bubs will benefit from knitted soakers, and I’m getting a little bored of baby blankets and shawls now.

What else can I knit for a summer baby that’s suitable for beginner and non-gender specific?

Think cotton!

Little heads still lose heat fast even in summer and especially in air conditioning so hats, booties and sweaters are still a good idea.

Happy knitting!


I recently got the book One Skein by Leigh Radford, and there is the cutest little baby bolero that I plan on making for a friend who is due in April. I plan on ordering some of the KnitPicks Shine yarn which is a Pima Cotton blend. Now I just need to decide which color I want.


You could also make winter hats in the 6-8 month size…they will need them eventually.

Our baby was born in June and we used light blankets, booties and washcloths, so I would think those would be appreciated. Also how about a cute bib?
FWIW I have read scarves are a huge strangulation hazard for babies.

Anouk would be very cute for a little girl. So would Cecilia. This pattern in a cotton blend would be cute for a boy or a girl.

Definitely hats and booties (perhaps make sets :slight_smile: ) Cotton wash clothes are also a fabulous idea. For little girls, there are patterns on the net for baby dresses and such.