Baby/kid pictures

We have done the pets now how about the kids? Who doesn’t like to see pictures of babies and kids? (I needed an excuse to show you my new grandson again! :lol:) Jackson is now 3 weeks old and though I am highly prejudicial, I believe he is gorgeous! She says he is sleeping through the nights and is just a very good baby. I can’t forget Thomas and am including a cute photo of him with the earflap hat I made him at his birthday dinner.

Well, here’s my little baseball girl:

Unfortunately, almost all of Sylvia’s recent pics are topless so I can’t share them! :??

She is just as cute as she can be!

here’s my silly girl and her new golf clubs. Just like grown-up ones! She and Daddy love golf.

Here are my 3 girls with there messy hair and all!

Here are my silly teenagers!

DD with her two best friends … DD is in the middle

My stepdaughter

DD and her boyfriend

Here are my little ones.

my older 2 at Christmas (sorry, not a great picture), and attached is my Yarn baby.

Here is my baby niece Cammie. She’s the first baby in the family so we’re completly obsessed with her. Its so much fun to spoil her.:teehee:

WOW - they don’t look alike at all do they!!!


gorgeous by the way

Here are my boys and me. Oldest son Michael on left, Jon on right (ignore the ex-girlfriend). That’s the thinner me…nursing school packed on about 30lbs, so add that. LOL

Here are Michael’s boys Andrew

and Christopher

And, here is Jon’s son Tyler

Ok, I think you have really started something. You know how G.P.'s are. I only have one G.C. but I have lots of pic’s of her. I made this sweater for her last christmas.

You asked for it!! A couple of these pictures are a few months old:

1> My oldest son Chris, acting stupid.

2> My youngest son Trent.

3> My oldest daughter Jenny.

4> my youngest daughter Robin.

5> My oldest granddaughter, Kaylee, who I haven’t seen IRL for over 2 years.

6> My youngest granddaughters Alyssa, Cassandra and Debecca.

[COLOR=blue]Very cute G.K’s. :heart:[/COLOR]

yay! an excuse to show off dd! here a few of my recent shots:heart:

this one is my dd and her two older cousins! all girls, on thier papa’s “motorcycle” :teehee:

and … really, how could you be mad at her for eating the cat and dog food? :rofl:

Everyone’s children and grandkids are just handsome, beautiful and gorgeous. Keep them coming I love looking at your families! I didn’t include my two children so I guess I better not leave them out.

My son, Jack is 34 and he is here with Jackson in the hotel pool last weekend. Jackson is none too thrilled. Well, dang, since I consider my in-laws my kids too, I will just give you the whole gang.

The second pic is Jack, his wife Alicia and Jackson while their were still at the hospital,
and the third is my dd Kelly who is 30, Tom her husband and sweet Thomas who is 7.

OMG that one with the cat food is sooooooooo cute- I just want to give her a squeeze!! our poor dogs went through a phase where they had to be fed in their crate or a certain little crawling baby would get in the middle of it (and eat it). :rollseyes:

I love kid and baby pics- keep em coming!

I love all these pictures! Gosh, I wish I had a time machine so my 3 girls were little again. We had so much fun together and, now that they’re grown and spread out somewhat, I miss them so much.

Anyhoo, here we are last year on Mother’s Day. Alli is on the far left with the purple in her hair. Then Beth, me and Kate. We were in Tallahassee for Kate’s graduation from the Aveda Institute. She did my hair really funky the day before and I wish she lived closer so I could have it again. However, Mickey Mouse frowns on unconventional anything.


These were all taken recently. Two of the daughters graduated, one with a bachelors degree and one with a masters degree. The guys with them are their boyfriends, the other woman in the group shot is my stepdaughter.

I love this photo! Could they be any cuter?

thanks :mrgreen: