Baby jumper

hi all i am doing a jumper for my niece. well trying, i am just making it up as i go along.
i am doing a four stitch check first four lines k4, p4 next four p4, k4 and then repeat till end.
i cast on 64 stitches using long tail cast on 3 mm needle using k1, p1 for about an inch and changed to 4 mm needle

now here is the problem i do not know how to do a neck band i want it to be round bear in mind that it is being made up as i go along

also i would like help as to how to do the arms any suggestions with the neck band this is for a 6 month old child


Wow… you’re brave! :zombie: But good for you!:thumbsup:

Are you knitting it all in one piece or as separate pieces you’re going to seam together? Is it a cardigan or a pullover? Will you be picking up stitches for the neck or doing it in one piece? More info will help us help you better.

ok is going to be a pullover and am going to knit in pieces have 1/4 of the front or ba ck done already oh that stitch is in mulpiles of 8,
do not know what picking up stitches means not sure really:roflhard:

any suggestions would be welcome just taking on stitch at a time

There a video here in KH about picking up stitches.

What means in general terms though is to take a piece of knitted fabric regardless of shape and creating stitches on that piece so you can do something else like buttons bands, neckband, etc.

For the neck band you could do several rows of ribbing or do some garter stitch or seed stitch. It doesn’t matter which it’s just going to provide a nice edge. I would do it after seaming so it makes a nice smooth edge. If you want you can even make a rolled edge by just knitting 6 rows or so w/o any design. Make sure the neck opening is large enough for the baby/child’s head, too. :thumbsup:

thanks for your help i have done that before but it was not very good, practice , practice, practice so when i am finishing i would not decrease any stitches i would just cast off my cast off normally is very big when sowing together if you would have any examples of how to do sleeves i would appricate it

well, there are 4 different types of sleeves, really:

raglan: triangular sleeves that run up to the neck line. You see that on “College shirts” a lot. just google raglan.
For that you have to decrease your backpiece from the place the sleeves beginn at. Cast off about 3 stitches on each side and then decrease evenly until the top to form a nice line (take pics and patterns of ralgan pieces as example).
then you knit the sleeve (straight or getting wider) until the joining point, cast off the same amount of stitches and do the same decrease to make pieces join smoothly.

you can also do sleeves with a round sleeve cap. Then the shaping is way more of an issue and I am no master in making it.

Or you do an “inset sleeve”: the sleeve is “rectangular” in the way it is set in (and not shaped round). Fits pretty well on kids, really.

The last option I see, I would decrease for the arm holes and then sew the piece up. Pick up stitches around the arm holes and knit the sleeves down (then they deffinitely fit at the top). Maybe consider short rows for shaping here. There is a video for it, too.

Dropped sleeves are probably easiest. You knit the armhole straight up. You might need to decrease at the neck though unless you want a boatneck.

alot to consider thanks could i pick up the stiches for sleaves and work back to the rib?:thumbsup:

Yes, with a drop shoulder sweater with no shaping, you can just pick up sts around the armhole and knit down to the ribbing at the cuff. You may want to decrease some sts every couple inches if you want it tapered.

ok here it is as the the jumper sweater is done in mulpiles of 8 stitches. i started to do the sleves starting at the rib cast on 44 st was ending up with holes so i ripped it back and started again with 48 st. so you get like a box pattern i have the front and back finished. problem is how do i increase with out getting any holes as the pattern goes *8 per line does this make sence could i start using a larger needle am using 4mm now


I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking.

CO the number of sts you need for the ribbing (I think that’s what you mean, k2 p2). Then when and where are you supposed to increase?

BTW, I thought you were going to pick up sts at the armhole and work down toward the wrist…?