Baby Jasmine's sweater

So cute! What yarn did you use?

:cheering: It’s gorgeous!!! I love it!!!
Where did you find the pattern? Or, is it your creation? yarn, etc?

Adorable, and I love that color!! :heart: :heart:

Thanks all for the compliments…the pattern is over 30 years old, I no longer know where I got it, but I have used it over and over all these years.

The yarn is Baby Ull.

Adorable! :cheering:

soo cute!

That’s great! Goes to show…a classic pattern is always in style :cheering:

So cute and cuddly.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Beautiful! I love that color too!

Beautiful! :heart:

Looks so much like this one.

Oh how sweet!

Adorable! :heart:

it gorgeous !!!.. Baby jasmine must love it :cheering:

so cute … :heart: I really like that color, not your typical color for a baby girl.