Baby it's Cold Outside sweater

Well, Cristeen posted a couple of pictures of a sweater that she had made, and I loved it. I decided to make one for my niece who is about a month and a half old. I used some yarn that I had in my stash. It’s yellow Caron Simply Soft baby, and yellow Bernat baby yarns held together. I made the sweater itself, and I loved it. Then I added the pink trim and now I don’t love it so much anymore. I think the trim makes it look wonky. I am debating if I should leave the trim on, or take it off. It won’t take much effort to take the trim off, since it’s just single crochet all the way around. I don’t think I want to try to redo the trim. Anyway, here are pictures.

without trim, before seaming it:

after the trim was added:

so, what would you do? Leave the trim as-is, or take it off?

I actually like the trim, but not the colour of it. Can you do it in a different pink, or even white?

I prefer it without the trim. Maybe you could do it in a neutral colour if you are going to try it again.

I like it without the trim- but if you do want trim, I would not use as many sc- I might make 3 sc for every 4 edge stitches, or 3 for every 5, to reduce the flaring you are seeing.

the yellow yarns are ADORABLE! I think it came out great!

I wonder how it would look with out the trim, but just the pink flowers?
It’s a precious sweater!!

That’s really cute. I think I’d leave the edging around the sleeves, but take it off everywhere else. I like how the edging on the on the sleeves gives them a kind of bell shape. It’s sweet.

thanks for all the comments.

I don’t have any of that yarn in any other colors, only the pink and yellow. I think I’m going to take all the trim off, and then maybe leave the sleeves as-is, and add trim just around the neckline and down the front, and see how that looks. I’ll try to do the trim down the front with fewer stitches so it doesn’t flare out.

Wish I could do it now, but it’ll have to wait til after work

You might want to try the yellow, I think it’d look better. Or just leave it off entirely. The trim makes it fit a little longer, and also forms the buttonholes. If you can work another way of doing the buttonholes, do it.

If it makes you feel any better, the first trim I put on mine got ripped off, too… it just didn’t look right.

Oh, and my first trim flared like that too. When I did it the second time, 1 SC for every row, done loosely with the same size hook as the body took care of that flare. I had a bit more trouble with the sleeves.

here it is

all done :cheering:

that looks great!!! I am sure it will be a treasure. good for you for sticking with it.

So cute!!! It’s adorable! Fine job on it! samm

I think both versions of the trim (and its color) look very nice. :thumbsup:

Looks much better! i love it . :slight_smile:

The colors are so sweet and soft-looking. Good job!

Have you thought of using a picot stitch to trim the jacket. The eding stitch would be smaller and the color you used would be fine.:inlove: