Baby Hoodie Help

Hello im am wondering if anyone can help my with the baby hoodie by Bobbi? I am currently kniting the front and i have completed 8’’ and now the pattern says: K30, join new yarn,BO 4 sts, knit to end. Working both sides at once, cont in st st

So my confusion starts at “join new yarn” and ends with working both sides at once which is something i havent done yet :slight_smile: (this is my first 3D proj)

Thanks you, if any one can explain :slight_smile:

Kenneth S

Where you bind off a few stitches in the center is where the sweater front splits to form the neckline. So once you knit the first 30 stitches and it says ‘join new yarn’ you will take a brand new ball of yarn, leaving the other one still attached, and using the NEW yarn you will bind off the next 4 stitches. Now you have a ball of yarn attached to each side of the neck. It says to work both sides at once which you can do all on the same needle, making sure to switch balls of yarn as you go from side to side. If this feels like too much for you, you can always complete one side of the neck all the way to the shoulder, then go back and knit the other side of the neck to the shoulder.