Baby hats and cir. needles

My sister is pregnant with my first nephew. I want to make some hats, and of course there are millions of patterns out there. The problem is, the smallest ones say they’re for 6-12 month old babies. My nephew is due in late February/early March, so he needs some warm clothes right away. Does anybody know how big a newborn’s head is??? Will a regular 6-month pattern be okay?

Aso, I hear that I can use to circular needles, or one extra long one (magic loop?), to finish a hat, but I can’t seem to find instructions on either method. Can someone help? Thanks.

How big is a newborns head?
it depends on the newborn.

some people (and some babies) have small heads–for a newborn, this might be 14 inches round…
some people (and some babies have HUGE Heads-my son had the nurses gasping… he had a 20 inch head!(some adult don’t have heads that big!)

Fortunately knitting stretches!

a 16 inch hat is a good place to start for a newborn… it might be a bit big (for a week or two!) but babies grow fast!

The easiest (and best fitting!) is a simple ribbed hat. (knit flat or in the round) swatch to find out how many stitches you need for 16 inches (in stocking knit) --correct the number (you want a number that is a multiple of 4) GOING UP in stitch count to get correct number)

(add 2 more if knitting flat)
work K2, P2, (k2 -an extra half rib if knitting flat)

for 6 to to 7 inches.
decrease (first change to K2, P1 pattern) then to a K1, P1 pattern then to stocking knit (all with P2tog, or K2tog)

then another round or 2 of k2tog… (until you have 10 or fewer stitches)
drawsting them closed, (and if needed, sew seam)

a ribbed hat will fit a newborns head, and will still fit 3 or 4 months latter!

(the Sweet baby hat–free on ravelry is one hat pattern that comes in size 0 (newborn) 6 month and 12 month size…

its a fun hat to knit, (a single ball (50gm) of sock yarn will do it… and most sock yarns are superwash–so the hat will be washable.
self striping sock yarn makes a pretty hat.

Here are some average size charts for children and babies.

My thanks to both of you. The help is greatly appreciated. By the way, troy, I’m guessing you had a c-section, or you wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale!

My “little” brother was born at 9 pounds 13 ounces, and despite having a c-section, Mom suffered pretty bad because of it–you have my pity and my respect for your remarkable achievement.

No–i come from a long line of peasants,and have peasant hips…not only no c section,i had natural delivery… (no drugs)–

and no internal damage… i was at teaching hospital, and while my doctor was there, i also had resident and intern… and got to hear the lesson…

Resident showed how to do post partem internal exam–and to look for internal tears… and kept saying, well, usually, really, almost always with a big baby like this. you have some tears… i don’t see any… (and had my doctor double check)

(my ex was scared when he first saw son, and thought there was a problem (his head was so big, he was sure it was hydroencephelits)–His head was so big, the hospital newborn hats didn’t fit!

i am overweight… but i have big hips… (under all the fat!)
(my son was just 9 lbs, my daughter had a slightly smaller head, and was 9.15oz… (both were 23 inches long, (over 50cm for those of you who do metric!)–

I (and sibling, and neices/nephews, grandchildren) all have big heads–my son took the prize for the biggest at birth… but we are all known for our bowling ball (big and round!) heads–from birth on!