Baby hat

i am trying to knit a baby hat i am a beginner on knitting hats the pattern says: cast 60 sts, then it says R1-R10 (K1,P1) across then R11 knit
R12 purl
rep rows 11- 12 6 more times. 24 rows completed
R25 (K4- K2tog) across
R26 purl
r 27 k3 k2tog across
r 28 purl
r 29 k2 k2tog across
r 30 purl
r 31 k1 k2tog across
r 32 purl
r 33 k2tog

here is the part i dont understand is the finishing instruction

instruction to finishing
cut the yarn leave a long tail
use the yarn needle draw the yarn through the remaining stitches on the needle pull tightly and secure the yarn sew the back seam of the hat with the right side facing
sew in the loose ends

i know how to do the pattern on top but its the finishing i don’t
understand .
if you can help i would be very greatful thank you

When you are done the last row, you probably have someting like 6-8 or maybe even 10 stiches on the needles, right? You do not bind off.

Cut the yarn leaving a long tail - like maybe 15-20 inches. Do you have a yarn needle, like a plastic sewing needle w/a fairly large eye? Thread your yarn tail on it, and use that to slide the stitches off the knitting needle onto the yarn sewing needle. Pull it all the way thru and close up the top of the hat. Then sew the seam down te hat to the bottom edge.

Does that make sense?

kind of

What part of the explanation don’t you understand?

so after row 33 i cut the yarn off the scain then do i take the yarn needle and sew with the tail yarn and take the stitch off like binding off from the needle with the stitches

Cut the yarn leaving about 12" or so, then thread the needle with it and thread the yarn through the stitches like a drawstring. You don’t bind off.


hey i am to the point where i need to sew and i am confued please help

On the Tips page, under Finishing, there’s a video for Mattress stitch which can be used to sew your two edges together.

here is a pic of the hat

Okay, first you have to get the sts off the needle, so cut the yarn so it’s about 18" long or so. Then thread a tapestry needle with the yarn and pull it through the sts on the knitting needle like a drawstring. Cinch up the top fairly snug, then with the tapestry needle seam the edges together with the mattress stitch.

so i did that now i do the mattress stitch

am i doing it right in the picture

thank you every one that helped me i finished it here is a picture of it

There is a video for mattress stitch under videos/tips.

Here are some more pages for seaming.

It takes practice so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you really don’t like seaming or don’t like the look of it consider learning to knit in the round. No seaming that way…but it takes practice, too. :lol:

i finish it

Looks good!

It’s adorable!

Good Job! Keep practicing!

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