Baby Hat?

My hairdresser had a baby boy in January. I will be going to the salon some time this month and thought I’d like to take a little gift. (She’s just back from maternity leave.) I thought a hat and a pair of socks would be good; simple and fast. However I can’t seem to find a baby hat that isnt too feminine or too premie.

My kids wore hats/bonnets all the time. Do today’s moms still keep their kits in hats? I have a couple of skeins of Lion Brand cotton-ease in a nice blue. It’s a worsted weight cotton. Any suggestions?

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Baby socks and baby hats…good luck :wink:

I just made a hat for someone who is due April 24. I went for a 6-12 month size since I figured a hat in the spring wasn’t going to get too much use. I am making little socks for when the baby is born. A now and later kind of gift.


I love that little hat “Simple Hat” and I think there are also socks in this book. I’ve gotten it from the library but liked it so much i ended up buying it (used off eBay).

I like the style of the hat. Do you think this in a plain blue sans the leaves looks like the same thing?

Yep, I think that would be fine :smiley: That hat is too cute :wink:

I sure do! In fact the DB pattern is knit flat, and the apple is knit on DPNs, which I think would be preferable since there would be no seaming.

earthchick also did her own similar style in a chunkier yarn

Thanks for the input ladies. I think that hat is too cute, but my DH would have never let me put an “apple” on my kids’ heads. :lol:

I do, but by the lack of selection of bonnets and such at the stores, you’d think nobody does anymore (that’s why knitting is so great–we can make what we can’t find!). I had three fair-skinned, fair-haired babies…needless to say, the summer sun would’ve wreaked havoc had we not had hats. :wink: I’m sure your hairdresser will really appreciate your hard work!